Social Media Marketing & Community Management

Why use Social Media Marketing in 2019
Social media marketing is now an essential activity for any company. Often some managers not using or not sharing some social are not able to take full advantage of this powerful tool of communication and sales. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. now have hundreds of millions of profiles in their databases and know better than all the behavior of users (consumers).

Some Data 2018:

4,021 billion people worldwide access the Internet, more than half of the world's population (55%).
3,196 billion are also present on social networks.
The number of users connected to the Web has increased by 7%,
the use of Facebook & co. grew by 13%
Mobile access increased by 14% in 2017,
93% of users have direct mobile access.

Nevertheless, there are still major issues to be resolved with regard to social media advertising:

How can we use social media and build an effective advertising presence?
Which are the best social networks to invest in?
Which is the most effective ones for advertising?
Can cutting-edge communication agencies really develop better communications for their customers?

The answers are complex and vary from customer to customer. It is clear that working with customers who operate in B2B leads to think that LINKEDIN is the ideal tool or that working with a chain  leads to consider Facebook the ideal tool. Often, however, it is the MIX of communication tools that can make the difference.
In Agenzia Brand all the contents are planned with the aim of creating clear and persuasive communications at the same time, bringing out the inherent value that the client company intends to propose. Each action of Social Media Marketing is also taken care of in terms of visibility, the work of copy will ensure that every tweet and every post on facebook does not fail to capture the attention.

Community Management
Communities are created to share interests, passions and information, allowing many to enrich their technical and cultural background, encouraging participation on different topics.
Dialogue and exchange of opinions are an opportunity for companies not to be underestimated to develop new points of view and evaluate new business opportunities.
Agenzia Brand has been coordinating Contest and Creative Races on Creathead since 2005, a community of creative professionals capable of offering excellent opportunities for institutions and companies that want to innovate their image and communication. 

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