About Alphabet (Gruppo BMW)

About Alphabet (Gruppo BMW) (0)

Alphabet is the BMW group provider of company mobility services and supports companie to have a sustainable managing of their mobility.

Founded in 1997, Alphabet has a vast experience in the managing of services dedicated to companies fleet, designing innovative and flexible solutions, tailor-made with the client’s needs. Today the company, which has its headquarters in Munchen, Germany, is among the first four players in the European market and among the first five in Italy, with a team of about 130 professionals in Rome and Milan and more than 2000 collaborators in Europe. Alphabet is an international enstablished company. With more than 600.000 vehicles of any brand, it is present in 18 countries: Italy, Englans, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Luxemburg, Poland and Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Thanks to the launching of AlphaElectric in 2013, Alphabet was the first provider of mobility services to offer a complete integration of the eMobility of fleets.

Per ulteriori informazioni, visiti: www.alphabet.com/it.