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Your Press Office Milan: Brand PR & Communication Agency is your ideal partner for Public Relations and the Press Office.

The Milan Press Office must be as qualified as possible because the world of communication is more and more complicated and will be more and more. Digital PR apparently have made available to all the tools to operate on the web and on social media, but in essence the matter has become very complex, the tools have multiplied, the relationships complicated, the funnels pulverized and from an apparent simplification of everything. it has become more complex. If your company does not rely on Public Relations professionals, who dominate all branches of communication and who have consolidated relationships with Online and Offline editorial offices, every effort could be in vain.

But why a Milan Press Office? With the advent of digital technologies such as the web and social media, is it so important and fundamental?

How many times have each of us trusted what an authoritative Media has written to form an opinion and then perhaps buy this product or rely on this company? Well this credibility cannot be bought, it is not for sale. It is necessary to develop it consistently and over time. But what about PR activities through social media? The management of LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TELEGRAM, TICTOC, etc., is apparently easy but coordinating all activities, scheduling posts, creating short and long-term Road Maps, taking advantage of the moment, are activities that AGENCY BRAND has been taking place for years and in various product sectors. Important, if not fundamental, is also the writing of texts for the web in an SEO key, there are precise techniques that must be followed and that an employee of your company will almost certainly know little. Building a website and not indexing it well is almost useless. If you are reading this article it is because this text is written in SEO mode, and it is no less interesting than others.

If the questions you ask yourself are:
How do I know if PR is bringing me tangible results?
Why are my best competitors always better positioned than me on social media, on Google, in press reviews?
Why are their press releases always published?
Why is my communication agency unable to achieve the results I would like?
A simple answer is: either PR is useless, or you have to change agency.


The real value of an efficient and profitable Milan press office lies in the construction of Brand Awereness and in the value generated for your BRAND. If you want a value, we can quantify the spaces that speak of your company: how much an ADV page costs and calculate the economic value. But we advise you to focus on the value of credibility. Our main objective: to identify and develop innovative strategies and projects to constantly improve relations with all the most important media in your company, from newspapers to TV, from web portals to radio, from bloggers to influencers. Find innovative and engaging ideas to amaze your target and always be one step ahead of your competitors, or organize an unforgettable event, create empathy, let you choose among the competitors as the best.

The PR & Communication division of AGENZIA BRAND offers the following services:

  • Press Office, Drafting of local press releases and localization of international press releases, Creation of Press Kit and Drafting of editorial;
  • Interviews with Management
  • Product Test
  • Organization of Press Conferences
  • Constant support during events
  • Case History realization
  • Digital PR SEO Oriented
  • Content Buzz Marketing activities on dedicated forums and blogs,
  • Web and Personal Reputation
  • Competitors Analysis Social media marketing
  • Press review online

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