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Brand Awareness: what is it and why is it essential?

What is winning brand awareness? If someone tells you about fizzy drinks, which brand do you think about right away? I bet most readers immediately turned their attention to a famous red can brand that doesn't need to be named. Here, this is an example of a winning Brand Awareness.

But what is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the ability of a known and recognized brand in the mind of consumers. The desire of each brand is obviously to be the first brand to appear in the user's head when talking about a particular product. However, reaching this peak of success is not for everyone and even the brands that have reached this important milestone have followed a particular path consisting of various stages of notoriety. Initially, the product or service offered by a company is not known, so it can be defined as an unwitting brand. Then we move on to a phase of first brand recognition or Brand Recognition. This step, if it follows a regular flow of word of mouth and affirmations, is declined in a spontaneous recall, the Brand Recall, in which the consumer spontaneously associates the brand with the product category, without the need for external references. The maximum goal that a brand can and above all wants to achieve is to become Top of Mind. A Top of Mind brand is precisely the one mentioned at the beginning of the article, that is a brand that is immediately associated with a service or good. Having a strong Brand Awareness is fundamental for the life of a brand because it determines whether or not it is chosen by a consumer and therefore guarantees its survival in an extremely competitive market. To build it, the brand identity must be defined and unique and choosing a communication agency capable of conveying its mission in a strong identity and creating lasting brand awareness is fundamental for business success.

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