The email marketing strategy as an activity to retain new customers

email marketingThe email marketing strategy has undergone drastic changes in the perception of both users and users in recent years. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that by using email marketing in a reflective and sensitive way we can achieve better exposure, more satisfied and informed customers, an increase in website traffic, a high contribution to sales. That's why Agenzia Brand only carries out lawful and ethical email marketing campaigns (pay attention to the new regulations that came into force in May 2018 GDRP).

Some of our customers now have such a large database (tens of thousands of names) that they almost entirely use this communication tool to maintain contact with their users, to measure customer satisfaction, to sell on the company store.

Email marketing is an excellent tool to increase redemption by retaining the customer. Brand Agency, offers you full support from the creation of communications and promotions via e-mail, to the choice of the best IT tools to use to send e-mail messages, always remaining at your disposal to encourage you to achieve the best results from your email marketing campaigns.

Success = No Spam
Brand Agency's experience, ethical approach, and creative, proven emailing systems help ensure that your email marketing campaign will be a success. Our account managers will research