About Integralbianco

About Integralbianco

Through studies and researches, specialist who works with great passion have created a product that wants to help people to reach wellness through the right nutrition. Integralbianco® has the positive effect of the assumption of bran and wheat germ keeping the look and taste of white flour.

A natural process allows to separate the soluble fiber to the insoluble fiber in the bran. It becomes 20% more bioavailable than in food made with the wheat flour.

Integralbianco® products have the same qualities and properties of a 00 type of food, but provide a bigger amount of nutrient supply than a wheat product.

There are more than 100 Integralbianco Point where you can find all the products of Integralbianco®

About Farine Varvello:

Farine Varvello is a family business of millers dedicated to research and innovation. Here artisanal and industrial gain a new meaning and meet in an original and special melting, special as their flours.

About Molino Colombo:

Molino Colombo is the benchmark for those who consides eccellence the goal to reach until 1882. They use the best grains and eccellent raw materials, crafted with modern but traditional techniques.