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The stand is only the point of arrival

The Fair has changed and the stand has to change. The customer of the Fair has changed and companies have to change.
It is not enough to make a nice stand and start listening end user. The stand is the terminal of communication actions undertaken in time and ending at the fair or during an event. 

Agenzia Brand supports its customers for different types of events:

- Corporate/corporate events: Corporate events and meetings are a fundamental step to strengthen your brand and make your staff participate in business objectives and projects, both current and future. Events of this type can be company dinners, conventions, anniversary celebrations, road shows.

- Commercial events: their objective is to expand the commercial network, allowing partners to assess the quality of the business and possible economic returns. This includes exhibition stands, exhibitions, vernissages and installations.

- Media events: good visibility is undoubtedly provided by the media such as the Web, TV, Radio and newspapers. It is for this reason that events such as press conferences, open days and briefings are very important to officially communicate everything that has been done and the future objectives to be achieved.

- Consumer events: these are aimed at consumers and have the aim of presenting new products as well as retaining the public's loyalty to their brand. This category includes PR events for new product launches, such as happy hours, cultural events and theme parties.