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With which ship do you want to surf the web? 

Agenzia Brand is a web agency in Milan that has its roots in over 30 years of specialization in communication. Web design is one of the aspects that make up our client's brand awareness. The colors of the site, the chosen font, the position of the product, the choice of the proposed mix, the definition of the customer archetype and much more, are the basis of the ultimate result: CONVERT for sale.

You can't afford to hand your digital strategy over to the son of your accountant's friend

You would probably never buy a car from a young plumber that a close friend has told you about. You wouldn't go get a tooth pulled by your butcher's boy. So why do you want to entrust the communication of your company to the son of the friend of your accountant's brother-in-law? Why do you want to ruin your business to save a few euros. AB is a web agency in Milan that guarantees you tangible and verifiable results.

Everything is faster but the goal is always the same: convert (sell).

Whether your intention is to inform, to educate, to sell, everything has become extremely faster but the goal has not changed. Only the instrument has changed. Every time we are contacted by a new customer we are told that:
- The site is not working
- is not up to date
- we are not indexed
- customers drop out
- ecommerce does not sell
- nobody opens newsletters anymore etc

It is not and it will not be a coincidence if you happen to crash. Your ship must stand in steady hands and follow safe and marked routes. The first choice is a crew that I'm on my way! what he must do even in the midst of storms. Today we are all struggling with a pandemic and those who were not well equipped risk or have risked being shipwrecked.

If you are involved in B2B do not hesitate, contact us

Really, do not hesitate, do not listen to those who promise you to work on performance, call us and we will tell you our case histories and (let's not joke) the millions of euros we have helped to generate through the digital marketing techniques we have implemented in the Brand Agency . Your website talks about you, your company, your products ... but are you tired of dull, inappropriate communications that treat the visitor as an extra number on the access counter? If the answer is yes, the Web Division of Agenzia Brand is the web partner for you! Aware that the website is for the customer the direct line with his target audience, Agenzia Brand creates static and dynamic websites for updating contents in total autonomy and which perfectly combine technology, accessibility, creativity and interaction paths. . But that's not all, together with you we will build not only a site, but a customer journey to generate new leads and convert them.

Sail in calm waters with AGENZIA BRAND, we will have a nice trip together

Agenzia Brand offers a professional and complete Web Marketing service: Creation of static and dynamic websites, horizontal and vertical portals, e-commerce sites, sites for hotels for gyms, wellness centers, etc. with the possibility for the end customer to book directly online; Maintenance of the site and ecommerce with a dedicated team 365 days a year Definition and implementation of the graphic interface; Production and updating of text, images and videos; Management of e-mail marketing activities, from the creation of graphic templates, to the drafting of effective texts up to the planning of mailings. Social creation and management website creation milan website creation milan website creation milan website creation milan ecommerce website creation milan

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