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Brands, Products, Services and still leaflet, catalogues, brochures, folder. Every day we must extricate in the forest of advertising materials to distinguish, decode, understand, choose what requires attention and what does swerve. Brand Design is for us Personality and Actuality. Agenzia Brand starts from the study or from the restyling of your mark/logo and continues getting ready the Corporate Identity, to transfer the graphic style suited to the material of which your company or your brand have be necessary: Leaflet, Folder, Corporate Brochure and of product, Catalogues, Merchandising. Agenzia Brand confers to all of these advertising instruments the maximum recognizability and visibility.
Also the more banal catalogue, thanks to the choice of paper, of the pagination, of the print, becomes an wish object for the target of reference. Your customer is not satisfied more of the Substance, it wants to also in good Form.