Agenzia Brand was founded in Milan in 1987 and even then in its payoff there was the term Marketing in addition to Advertising. Since its origins, in the DNA of Agenzia Brand there was the Marketing Plan with all its techniques that helped and contained what at the time was still the Farwest of wild Creativity. At that time, there was no such thing as Creativity if not channelled into a Plan that wants to reach an objective.

Strategic Marketing

Business Development Marketing & Start Up Strategy kaos marketing milano

Business Development Marketing & Start Up Strategy

Ricerche di Mercato Customer Satisfaction kaos marketing milano

Market reseaches Customer Satisfaction

Eventi Relation Marketing kaos marketing milano

Relation Marketing

Team Building Formazione Aziendale kaos marketing milano

Team Building 

Operative Marketing

Channel Marketing Supporto Vendite kaos marketing milano

Channel Marketing sales support

Promotion Operazioni a Premio kaos marketing milano


Contact Center Backoffice Operations kaos marketing  milano

Contact Center Backoffice Operations

Automation Marketing kaos marketing milano

Automation Marketing

More than 30 years have passed and all too often, when we go to a new company and ask if there is a Marketing Plan to start with, the answer is NO. In over 30 years many things have changed but if a company wants to approach the market (as it happens it's called market in English) if it does not have a Marketing Plan or Strategic often risks going off the road or sometimes to take it in the opposite direction. This term has also been abused and sometimes, as if it were a fashion, Strategic or Analytical or Operational Marketing is absurd to God or a useless tool. Balance or often common sense combined with analysis are our compass that we put at the service of our customers/partners.


Kaos Marketing Intestazione


Kaos Marketing was founded in 2000 and since 2008 the Agenzia Brand and Kaos Marketing have been working side by side in the same office in Milan to offer a better and more professional service. Designing and implementing marketing interventions for multinationals or associations or Start-Up is the basis for obtaining effective synergies between a strategic and operational plan and the creation of promotion and communication tools.

We like challenges and pay great attention to the phases of corporate start-ups, new product launches and the opening of market segments or the revitalization of business areas and we also like to share with our customers the joys of results.

Below we will go into the services that Agenzia Brand and Kaos Marketing can provide and the tools that usually help us in our daily work before we get to define the marketing and communication strategy:

 aree di settore marketing