Landing Pages Manager: the perfect tool to create Landing Pages!

With more than 30 years of experience in communication industry, Agenzia Brand shows its last project: Landing Pages Manager, the innovative web-based platform designed to all companies needing support their network to manage web campaigns.

Landing Pages Manager can be the perfect tool for local branches, resellers and agents that need to create well-performing landing pages - in compliance with brand guidelines -, plan media budget for online campaigns and control data statistics. Which is the goal? Leads generation!

Landing page: la base di ogni campagna di Digital Marketing

When you create a landing page, your goal is usually collect new leads and activate new business relationships. A landing page is performing when is able to catch the users’ attention, increase the interest, stimulate the desire and push the action. For a digital campaign focused on lead generation, it’s very important create well-performing landing pages. Which is the goal of a marketing campaign? Improve brand awareness and, so, sell your products and/or services. Which is the goal of a successful landing page? Push prospects' attention towards a specific product and/or service in a direct and positive way. Landing Pages Manager born just with the purpose to make easier and optimize all steps of a web-marketing campaign.

Landing Pages Manager

Landing Pages ManagerPerchè scegliere Landing Pages Manager
  • Landing Pages Manager is a web-based Landing Pages Platform. This allows to companies to log-in an easy and quick way to all platform features by using web browser, without installing browser extensions or dedicated programs.
  • Landing Pages Manager allows to local branches, resellers and agents to easily create landing pages choosing from templates pre-set by headquarter according to brand guideline. The company can choose the web-domain to use for web pages.
  • Thanks to Landing Pages Manager is possible create local landing pages for business geolocalized campaigns.

Who is targeted to

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Landing Pages Manager is dedicated to all companies that need to manage web and mobile campaign along with local branches, resellers and agents.  

By using Landing Pages Manager each company can take advantage from an intuitive and adaptable tool able to help business to become more competitive. Success is an efficient mix of short time, low costs, winning strategies and high quality.  

Agenzia Brand designed a platform that mix all ingredients needed to reach the success. Through Landing Pages Manager difficulties decrease and advantages increase.

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