What are conversions in digital marketing and why is it essential to track their results?

Conversions are the actions that you want to be carried out by the user who lands on your site or landing page and are the main indicator to assess the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.

They can be used to fill in an information request form, in a subscription, in the download of a file or in a purchase. It is essential that the data is traceable and measurable.

To decide which budget to invest in a campaign, it is essential to define what type of conversion you want to achieve and what results you want to achieve. A purchase conversion will certainly require more expense than filling out a form.

In addition to the definition, it is equally important to track, with cookies or Google Analytics, the conversions obtained, of any kind. To do this, it may be useful to create a landing page, or a landing page where the user will arrive after clicking on the ad. Monitoring the results is essential to understand the effectiveness of your work.